Monday, 4 February 2013

Mother's day

Mothers day will be here before you know it!! I've made this singing time activity based on a handmade one I used last time.

Firstly I love to include a poster each week- here is one I put together... I also used this for a front cover to the section in my singing-time folder for mothers day songs! (Just an idea you may want to use)



- Print these flowers onto different coloured card (or all the same if you wish) cut them out individually.
- on the back of each flower write a song in marker pen. Songs I was thinking of using:
1. Happy family
2. Mother, tell me the story
3.Love is spoken here
4.when were helping
5. Im a child of god
6. song of their choice

Print and cut out individually

-Print the flower pot, to stick on the board.

Flower Pot - Print

Now you have the printouts -  whats the aim of the game?

The aim is to celebrate mothers day. When you start you begin by asking... why is today a special day? you then go on to explain that you need help picking some flowers to put in the flower pot to give to our mothers! 

Before hand hide the six or more flowers round the room.... each time you choose a happy helper, they then find a a flower pick it and add it to our pot (on the top of one of the stems!) you then sing the song on the back. At the end of singing time I plan to give them each a flower (either printable, fake or fresh flower) to give to their mothers. Possibly one like this below:

Print and laminate!

Enjoy!! --- Keep a look out for more Mother's day posts.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Valentines Ideas continued....

- Name that Primary song about love: Hum that tune

Things needed:
- I used my Ipod and Headphones (but anything you can download the church songs onto and then play back using headphones will work)
- Love Heart Printables (see below)

OK so depending on primary size - split into two groups:
- get them to come up with a team name (preferably about love/ valentines)
- 1st team nominates a team member to come to the front they put the head phones on and have to listen to the song and hum it back to their team..... their team then has to guess the song. if guessed correctly they move up on the leaderboard (love hearts) if wrong they stay at the same place.

*This continues until a team gets to the top first (winner heart)*
the winners win a pack of love hearts (sweets) - the losing team gets a love heart.

These are the songs i downloaded ( most are about love BUT i added some favourites as well)

159 Stand for the Right
245  Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?
207  Mother I Love You
74  I Feel My Saviors Love
136 Love One Another
228 My Heavenly Father Loves Me
198 When We're Helping
188 Families Can Be Together Forever
60 Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
5 I Know My Father Lives
177 Teach Me To Walk In The Light
61 Jesus said love everyone
31 Reverence is Love
190 Love is spoken here
95 I love to see the temple
popcorn popping

Poster For the board

Red team

Blue Team

Valentines Ideas

So Valentines is coming up, so I thought I would share some of my ideas and ideas that I've found.

1- We LOVE Primary

Things need:
- envelopes (print the airmail picture below and stick on envelopes)
- bag (mail bag) that the letters are put into
- Hersheys Kisses
- Jar (stick on the label (below)

This is a fun, cute and simple valentines game suitable for music time.
-On each of the Hershey kisses write a childs name (i stuck a white sticker on the bottom and wrote on that- make sure there each child has a kiss(chocolate) with their name on. once finished put these into your jar.
- Then i used 7 envelopes (you can do more or less) inside the envelopes I wrote a song to sing (all relating to love):

Jesus Said Love Everyone p. 61
Reverence is Love p. 31
Love One Another p. 136
I'll Walk With You (3rd verse only) p. 140
I Love To See The Temple p. 95
We Are Different p. 263
Love is Spoken Here p. 190
Where Love Is p. 138
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus p. 78
Teacher, Do You Love Me? p. 178

- I sealed the envelopes and put them into my mail bag.

I started singing time by explaining the game and the said something like:
"we all have our favourite songs that we love, well today we are going to sing some songs that remind us of what we love. To start we are going to sing my favourite song - "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" .... I'll be looking for the biggest sunbeam (actions) to start us off on our game"

You pick a child- they pick a letter from the mail bag.... OPEN it and we all sing the song.
I then pick out a kiss from the jar... that child comes and pick a letter. and sooo on.

It works well and the children get involved! 
p.s * I also learnt that the children didn't know many of these songs soooo throughout last year we practiced so THIS VALENTINES we will be pros.

Add this label to the Jar of Kisses
Attach this on the front of each envolope
enlarge this and pin to bag (for mail bag)

Reverence In Music Time

Re-gaining their attention:

A big thing I struggled with at the beginning of my calling was knowing a great way of re-gaining the children's attention without raising my voice or coming across to annoyed when voices are raised, well here are few ideas I've tried and they have worked:

1- Puzzle on the board
- Display on the board a puzzle (I used the picture below, I printed, Laminated and then gut into about 5 pieces)
- Every-time the children get distracted or too noisy, I then take off a piece of the puzzle, if all puzzle pieces are down, we then stop the game.

*Luckily I've never had to take off all pieces BUT its great to getting their attention because as soon as I'm quite and heading for the puzzle, all eyes are on me and quiet*

2- Sweety Jar
- This one I was recommended from a family member and it works AMAZINGLY.
- If I was using this it would last the month (so carry it on for 4 weeks)
- fill a jar of sweets ADD the Label (below)
- explain at the start of the month that you have a jar full of yummy sweets - at the end of them month each child will be able to have some sweets (depending on primary size- you'll share them out equally)
-BUT every time your too noisy or not listening the sweets will go down. HERE IS THE BEST PART:
- If the children loose concentration, become noisy, etc YOU eat a sweet from the JAR.

*This works amazingly, the children quickly quiet down and are focused on you and the sweets*

Birthday Folder


I LOVE BIRTHDAYS..... A new thing I started was bringing in a little something for the birthday girl or boy.

"CUPCAKES" - we all love to be given something on our birthdays and so things are as follows:

- I asked the primary for a list of the children's birthdays.
- I added this into a word document to add to my Music Time folder. (see below)
- Then each birthday I bake a small muffin, and add the CTR toppers (see below also)
- In England we have a cheap store called 'Home Bargins", they sell little boxes suitable to hold a cupcake:
they look similar to this one:
I know amazon do similar for a good price also (I'm not sure of a shop in America etc. Walmart?)

CTR cake toppers:
I will post the birthday folder file link after:


Here are some printables I've found that I have used for teaching in primary BUT also as some prizes or thank-yous in singing time.

1- Just print onto card and mount with coloured paper.
2- Print onto photo paper, leaving it with a glossy look.

These could work as a cute incentive to get our primary using their beautiful voices.